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Name: Tino Ehrich <contact>
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Age: 43
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Innovation award
Innovation award
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PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
December 2004
Number 5

Prize: One downloadable copy of Komodo Pro
Validate Web forms and execute follow-up actions
This class is meant to create, validate and process Web forms.

When a valid form is submitted, the class can execute several types of built-in follow-up actions.

Currently it supports executing these types of follow-up actions:

- Send an e-mail message to a given address based on a template that can be processed using the submitted form values
- Resubmit the form data to a given Web server using HTTP POST method
- Execute a database query

The class supports defining forms with many types of built-in validation rules including form field interdependency.
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All time: 83% 82% - - - - 50% 2707
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