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Cyrillic to Latin Transliteration: Transliterate Cyrillic text to Latin characters

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Name: Filip Filipov <contact>
Classes: 1 package by
Country: Bulgaria Bulgaria
Age: 46
All time rank: 317022 in Bulgaria Bulgaria
Week rank: 587 Up1 in Bulgaria Bulgaria Up

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This class can transliterate Cyrillic text to Latin characters.

It can take a text string with Cyrillic characters and convert those characters to most similar characters in the Latin alphabet.

The input text and output text encodings are configurable.

Cyrillic to Latin Transliteration DESCRIPTION =========== Transliteration of Cyrillic to Latin (GOST 7.79 B). Can be used for Bulgarian or/and Russian transliteration. Usefull for creating friendly urls (like blog post title or url). Important!!! Is case insensitive. LICENSE ======= "Cyrillic to Latin Transliteration" is released under the GNU General Public License. To read the license please visit REQUIREMENTS ============ PHP4 or later HOW TO USE ========== You can set transliteration for Russian or Bulgarian. You can set encoding of the input string and encoding of the output string in result. (see the example.php) <?php // Include class file include('translit.class.php'); $translit = new Transliteration(); // Not not necessarily ('bg' for Bulgarian, 'ru' for Russian). Default transliteration is Bulgarian. $translit->Table = 'bg'; // Set encoding of the input string. Not necessarily. By default is utf-8. $translit->EncodeIn = 'cp1251'; // Set encoding of the output string. Not necessarily. By default is utf-8. $translit->EncodeOut = 'utf-8'; // Sample text $text = 'Това е примерен текст на кирилица.'; // This is sample text in cyrillic. // Send text to transliteration $string = $translit->Translit($text); // Print transliterated text echo $string; ?> CONTACT ======= Filip Filipov E-Mail: Website: htp://

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Name: Cyrillic to Latin Transliteration
Base name: cyrillic-translitera
Description: Transliterate Cyrillic text to Latin characters
Version: 1.0
PHP version: 4.0
License: Artistic License
All time users: 540 users
All time rank: 5553
Week users: 0 users
Week rank: 144 Equal
Country specific: This package is specific mainly for applications used in Bulgaria Bulgaria .
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