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1.1 Known Issues

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Subject:1.1 Known Issues
Summary:A few things fixed in 1.2
Author:AW Ford
Date:2008-03-17 23:16:57
Update:2008-03-18 02:58:54

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Picture of AW Ford AW Ford - 2008-03-17 23:16:59
I just wanted to point out since awfDialog was approved this week, that I've fixed several known issues with version 1.1 and should be updating the package and documentation within a few days.

Added a few new features, to boot.


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Picture of AW Ford AW Ford - 2008-03-18 02:58:54 - In reply to message 1 from AW Ford
And, of course, I forgot to list what those known issues were...

1. Missing examples linked to in the documentation.
2. Misalignment of the WizardButtons.
3. ICON_CSS and custom dialog icons using the SetIcon() method didn't work as designed.
4. Missing CSS/DOM elements
5. togglelayer javascript function would get sent to the browser multiple times if multiple dialogs were rendered.
6. Mis-behaving exit button under certain circumstances.
7. Miscellaneous cross-browser testing fixes.

New/improved features added in 1.2:
1. Extended CSS functionality. True total control of all parts of the dialog now available using the SetCSS() method.
2. Added HelpPane element, AjaxHelp button with default behaviors that can be overridden with your own functionality, AddHelp() method that works similar to AddOutput().
3. Extended Clear() method to include all output buffers.
4. Improved debug output.
5. Added CSS Reference to the documentation to make it easier to take advantage of the greatly enhanced CSS support in 1.2.

The documentation including examples exceeds over 20 printed pages now. I'm just reviewing it all to make sure it's all up to date with 1.2 then I'll update the package here, hopefully NLT Mar 19th.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.