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Subject:Mail aliases
Summary:is it possible to create aliases?
Date:2007-10-08 18:21:58
Update:2007-10-17 08:21:33

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Picture of Petar Petar - 2007-10-08 18:21:58

I am searching for script to create cPanel email aliases at my website.

I now how to create emails and setup forwarders, but I am searching for aliases. The main difference I am searching for is to create one main mail box and unlimited aliases. Every mail sent to eny of existing aliases will be stored into the main account. I do not want to waste space storing mails in tho places as forwarders work.

Thank you

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Picture of David Barnes David Barnes - 2007-10-17 08:21:34 - In reply to message 1 from Petar
If you create a fowarder for an email address which doesn't exist the mail will be forwarded and only stored in 1 place.

For example:


$cpanel = new cPanelTools('username','password','');

// create main email address

// create a email forward for "" without actually creating the email address


All emails sent to would be forwarded and stored at