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Subject:passby reference
Summary:for php 5 the tree is not working
Date:2006-01-11 07:42:19
Update:2006-01-11 16:29:48

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Picture of sreenivasulu sreenivasulu - 2006-01-11 07:42:19
hi congrats for your work,

I just checked your tree class, it is really great work.

AS i have instaled php 5 in my system, and in php5 the call by reference has been deprecated. it did not work properly please check it once and make the correction.

Thank and regards,

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Picture of Martin Weis Martin Weis - 2006-01-11 16:29:48 - In reply to message 1 from sreenivasulu
Thanks for testing.

For now I have only PHP4 to test on. I will have a look to my PHP5 book, there are some changes to be done in that case.

Maybe this has to be a different development branch then.

Especially public/private has to be set (prepared via documentation). Maybe have a look at the PEAR class in the meanwhile, it might work on PHP5. I found it a bit complicated to use, but it has best chances to be further developed and is well integrated with other classes.