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A simple code request

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Subject:A simple code request
Summary:I need a simple code snippet.. please help me!
Author:Hal Jacobson
Date:2007-02-15 13:52:24

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Picture of Hal Jacobson Hal Jacobson - 2007-02-15 13:52:24
I'm a beginner in PHP, I have a little problem writing the PHP page that I want.
What I want to do is to write a PHP page that will accept an image URL as input and a size limit, and then outputs the reduced JPEG image on the page.
For instance I would call it like:
and then it would output the image in the reduced form.
Could you help me write that code please? Because I don't seem to be able to get JpegReducer to work on URL images.. I feel like the code must be really simple. I'd be very very grateful if you help me.
Thank you so much.