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Subject:Blackberry Compatible
Summary:Cannot open xls file from Blackberry
Author:Frank Roberts
Date:2009-11-10 20:30:54

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Picture of Frank Roberts Frank Roberts - 2009-11-10 20:30:54
My PHP script attaches xls files created with this class to an email..

No problems opening the files, except for one of the recipients who uses a Blackberry to view xls files..

He gets the error:
'Unrecognised Document Format'

He can successfully open other 'test' xls files that I have sent to him, ones that I have created manually from within Excel (and OpenOffice)

I have compared the 'properties' of my hand-made and MS-Excel Stream excel files..the only difference I can ascertain is that I get an error when trying to
'Remove properties and personal information' (in the 'details' tab)

The error reads:
'Error 0x800300FB: The file is not a valid compound file'

I have researched this and found that it relates to the

I have also researched Blackberry forums, but not been enlightened..

Can anyone here help?..