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Correction in function tDist?

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Subject:Correction in function tDist?
Summary:I think I have a correction
Author:Pavlos Stamboulides
Date:2014-08-07 00:36:56
Update:2014-08-07 02:06:32

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Picture of Pavlos Stamboulides Pavlos Stamboulides - 2014-08-07 02:06:32
Dear Khaled,

thank you for the wonderful package. I think I found a mistake with the estimation of tails in the tDist function. It seemed odd that the two-tailed solution would give half the p-value of the single-tailed.

I think line 693 of kashi.php should be:

return $result * $tail / 2;

I am not a stats expert as much as you, so I may have misunderstood something. I mostly relied on online calculators to verify results.

Best greetings from Greece,