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Date Validator
Many applications take input parameters from users or external data sources, including dates or times.

When the applications allow multiple formats for the date and time values they accept as parameters, they must check them against all the acceptable date and time formats.

This package can perform date and time validation that accepts many possible formats and can even support more custom date and time formats.
PHP URL Rewrite
Many Web sites serve site pages using URLs that briefly describe the purpose of the pages in a way that is easy to understand for the users of those sites.

With easy-to-understand URLs, the users can decide if the pages may be interesting even before they click the links that point to the pages' URLs.

A good part of the PHP sites uses the Apache Web server with the mod_rewrite module to handle the access to the pages with those URLs to the actual PHP scripts that generate the response to the entrance to those pages.

The configuration of the Apache mod_rewrite module may not be easy to create because it requires a good understanding of mod_rewrite directives.

This package provides a simplification of the way the mod_rewrite configuration can be created.

It takes a Web site page URL and suggests several configuration formats that you can use to configure the Apache mod_write module for your site. You can use the configuration format that better suits your PHP application Web site URL structure.
PHP Selenium Low Level Tools
Selenium is a project that aims to automate actions with Web browsers.

Selenium implements provide drivers that can control browsers to perform automated actions.

Selenium WebDriver driver allows the implementation of automation of actions using HTTP requests sent by applications that work externally to Web browsers.

A PHP implementation of Selenium WebDriver allows PHP developers to implement applications that can control a Web browser using PHP code.

This package extends Facebook Selenium WebDriver to implement tool classes that are useful for everyday browser automation tasks like testing different aspects of the way Web page works, like simulating user interactions with the browser.
WP Post
WordPress is a popular content management system written in PHP, often used to create blogs.

WordPress code is, in significant part, made of code written using global functions.

This package provides an object-oriented wrapper to access the functionality of WordPress that manipulates posts and images.

This way, it can please developers that prefer to write code to access WordPress content using classes of objects.
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a popular format for exchanging data structures between applications in many different languages.

PHP provides built-in functions to encode and decode data structure values in JSON format.

Currently, PHP does not support decoding objects encoded in JSON format with the object keys with double quotes.

This package provides a workaround written in pure PHP for decoding objects with or without quotes in the object key names. This possibility overcomes the limitation of the current PHP versions.

It allows the decoding processing of JSON data generated by applications written in other languages or components that do not use quotes to encode object key names.
PHP Instagram Feed Notification
Some people avoid spending too much time on social networks when they consider those social networks a distraction that is not worth their time.

Still, those who want to follow specific profiles would prefer following those profiles if they did not have to go daily to the profile pages.

This package provides a solution that sends email messages only when new posts of specific Instagram profiles are published.
React Laravel Stripe MailJet Pizza Ordering
Many PHP developers get customer requests to develop applications that allow their customers to place orders for pizza on the Internet.

This package implements a progressive Web application using PHP and JavaScript to implement a complete pizza ordering system.

This application helps other developers learn how to implement advanced Web applications for e-commerce or even other applications that can work without requiring users to install native applications for Android, iOS, or other mobile devices.
Ristretto PHP
Type safety is a characteristic of languages that require certain operations with values of the correct values. This characteristic is good for catching bugs early in application development.

PHP was not originally a type-safe language. PHP is more tolerant of developer mistakes. This fact makes PHP a more accepted language among developers without formal education in programming.

This package provides a solution to make PHP more type-safe to avoid that applications shipping code with programming mistakes.

It provides several classes that implement type-safe operations, including some that are useful for cryptography applications.

With this package, you can implement cryptography applications with greater quality when compared to applications that do not use type safety.
PHP Custom Error
Sometimes PHP applications need to keep track of multiple non-fatal errors that may happen during the execution of the same PHP script.

This package provides a simple class that can keep track of all error messages and codes that happen every time the current PHP script calls the class.

This possibility allows application developers to get a complete list of errors in executing a single script.
PHP Quill
Chronicle is a Web service application that can process HTTP requests to append data in blockchains.

The Quill package is a PHP client package that can write data to a Chronicle server to update blockchains.

This package allows the creation of distributed clients that can generate blockchain data stored in a Chronicle server.