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File: Little how_to_use.txt
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This file describes how to use a simple (and dirty) html-form, class and sql generator.

Last Version
The sql_generator is a beta release, now the last version is 1.0.2 and needs PHP4 at least.
New releases are going to be deployed in this address:

What it does?
This program generates an html form bases interface to interact with a database.
The form is generated to insert new records, edit existant listing or delete records from a give table.

The form interface is supported by two classes one is given in this software and its only a very simple abstraction of some database functions, and the other is a custom class generated by the program.

There are two configuration files, one, oncly contains some little strings and is going to grow to allow a complete multilingual messages and menus displaying.
The other is that contains the server, user and password to access the database, and I suggest you to put it out of the web server path so nobody can access and know you secret codes.

The interface:
You will see three fields (table, class name and object -instance- name) and some other.
SQL textarea where you must put your SQL table description WITHOUT THE FIRST LINE AND THE LAST ONE just only the fields definition text, without any kind of spaces before the name of the field.


	id_test integer unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,
	some_number integer,
	some_string varchar(255),
	some_text text

will be like this:

id_test integer unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,
some_number integer,
some_string varchar(255),
some_text text

(remember it still being a beta, usefull beta version)

Current version allows to generate both custom class and menu to be used with mysql or odbc you must select your choice in the generator menu.

You have some other fields:
Generar SQL -> you can select it (by default is selected) to generate an sql querys for this table
Generar Tablas de HTML -> affects only to the menus aspect, incluiding it into HTML TABLES or plain text

Tabla -> is the database table name. In the above example is test
Clase -> the name of the class is being to be generated in a class_*.php file
Objeto -> the object (instance of the table custom class) name

Using this program
Now you can install (just copy and put the proper server, user and password keys in the inc/claves.php) and run it, put your SQL CREATE TABLE sentence and remember You MUST CREATE THE TABLE, this program (at least in this version) does not create or modify tables in your database system.

Enjoy it.

This program is my contribution to the PHP developers community specialy tho those begginners (like me) whom spend a lot of time (literaly wasting os time) creating tables and making all the PHP and HTML related code to test them and begin at the first stages of a development.

Is it free?
Yes, you can use and distribute this program freely, BUT you CANNOT SELL this program or sell any kind of license. Its only a shareware contribution tool.

Next versions probably this program is going to be growned and it will run under GPL or similar license. So if you want to change and distribute the program (without selling it) please send me a copy, so we can put all the modifications and improvements available to all.

How to contact me?
If you have some kind of dubts, please aks me.

Devta Singh.

How awfull may be my english?
I cannot this limmit, may be my english teacher have nightmares about that.
I am improving a lot writing this file, so next version, better english (I hope).
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.