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File: Math_kashi/changes.txt
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Class: Al-Kashi
Compute statistics on a set of values
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Last change: Fix the significance test of Student's t-Test
Date: 7 years ago
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What's new in Al-Kashi 5.1 (release date: Jul 5, 2016) ------------------------------------------------------- * Add "tTestDf" function to calculate degrees of freedom for use in significance testing of Student's t distribution assumed equal/unequal variances. * Fix the significance test of Student's t-Test unpaired null hypothesis that mean of x = mean of y, thanks to Sacha Storz <>. What's new in Al-Kashi 5.0 (release date: Feb 2, 2014) ------------------------------------------------------- * Support multiple linear regression for 2 independent variables, known issues: - calculate standard error of regression model parameters: a, b1, and b2 - calculate regression through the origin * Add basic matrix functions which includes: mAddition, mSubtraction, mMultiplication, mTranspose, mDeterminants, mCofactor, mAdjoint and mInverse. * Add "path" function to perform Path analysis to describe the directed dependencies among a set of variables. * Add "solve" function to solve a system of equations. * Kashi will throw now KashiException if there is any error, this enable you to use try/catch block for more clean object oriented code. * Fix r-square calculation bug in the regression method. What's new in Al-Kashi 4.0 (release date: Aug 12, 2013) ------------------------------------------------------- * Back end function calculates all required information to render Boxplot, Histogram, Normal Q-Q Plot, and Ternary plot. * A new "movingAvg" method for moving average which is commonly used with time series data to smooth out short-term fluctuations and highlight longer-term trends or cycles. * Calculate the standard error of regression model parameters, adjusted R square, significance of regression (i.e. F-statistic and p-value), as well as confidence intervals at level 95%. * Add two extra types of mean "Geometric" and "Harmonic" into the mean method. * Add three extra methods [Jaccard|Dice|Simple Matching] to the "distance" methods in the "KashiCluster" class to compute the distance in case of binary/quality characters. * Add two new methods "isSkew" and "isKurt" to find out if skewness or kurtosis is significant (i.e. test it against 0). * Add new method "rank" to implement standard competition ranking strategy ("1224" ranking). * Improve simple linear regression method by add extra origin boolean parameter, if true it will calculate regression through the origin (i.e. intercept = 0), default is false. * Add an extra parameter to enable "standardize" method to centers the values around zero without affect the variance at all (default functionality will make variance=1). * Add new method "dataLoad" to the "KashiCluster" sub class to simplified using this functionality. What's new in Al-Kashi 3.0 (release date: Dec 29, 2012) ------------------------------------------------------- * Add new method "standardize" to the main Kashi class to perform standardize transformation (i.e. mean=0 and variance=1). * Add new Cluster sub class "KashiCluster" where we implement k-means clustering method which aims to partition n observations into k clusters. * Implement Hierarchical clustering technique also in the new "KashiCluster" sub class, currently only Euclidian and Manhattan similarity measures are available and Average Link as clustering method. * ANOVA sub class is fully documented now. What's new in Al-Kashi 2.1 (release date: Sep 15, 2012) ------------------------------------------------------- * Add new method "inverseNormCDF" for inverse of the standard normal cumulative distribution, with a given probability. * Add new method "inverseTCDF" to calculate the t-value of the Student's t-distribution for a given probability and degrees of freedom. * Improve the LSD estimation in the ANOVA procedure by using qt(0.975, error df) x SED instead of 2 x SED What's new in Al-Kashi 2.0 (release date: Sep 10, 2012) ------------------------------------------------------- * Add ANOVA sub class "KashiANOVA" which calculate ANOVA table, means, SE, SED, LSD, and CV values; It is built to be scalable data-analysis solution and this is why we used MySQL including two loading methods from array and string (i.e. file content). Note: Column names ending in an exclamation mark (!) will have this character removed and the column will be loaded as a factor. What's new in Al-Kashi 1.2 (release date: Jun 22, 2012) ------------------------------------------------------- * Add Simpson index to the diversity method. What's new in Al-Kashi 1.1 (release date: Mar 26, 2012) ------------------------------------------------------- * This version has no need to connect to MySQL database anymore, thanks to Pavlos Stamboulides <> for the idea. * The chiDist method returns now exact probability value as float number. * Add normCDF method to calculate the CDF value for normal distribution. What's new in Al-Kashi 1.0 (release date: Mar 3, 2012) ------------------------------------------------------- * First release :o)